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  • RNC Chief Responds to Complaints Made Against Three Officers

    RNC Chief Joe Boland has issued a statement in response to a recent criminal investigation involving three police officers.

    Chief Boland says he received a complaint in May of 2018 regarding an incident that occurred in November of 2017. The complaint included criminal allegations against officers, and led to an RNC public complaint.

    Chief Boland says he contacted the Department of Justice to request a criminal investigation into the matter by an independent police service with civilian oversight.

    Boland says the criminal investigation concluded with no criminal charges proceeding against the officers involved. The public complaint investigation has been referred to the RNC Public Complaints Commission and is currently underway.

    The officers involved have been placed on administrative duties.

    Chief Boland says it would not be appropriate for him to discuss the facts of the case or the actions of the officers involved for risk of interfering in the ongoing public complaint investigation.

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