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  • RNC Employee Given Absolute Discharge for Accessing Private Info

    An RNC Civilian Employee has been given an absolute discharge by the judge for accessing private information.

    Tammy Brinson was hired in January 1995 as a full time Communications Technician with the RNC’s Patrol Services Division. This is a civilian position.

    On October 12, 2017, a complaint was made to the RNC alleging two civilian employees accessed his personal information, committing a privacy breach. One of the employees he said was Brinson, the other was his ex-common law wife.

    The Constabulary conducted an audit that found Brinson had conducted searches in name of the person who made the complaint, and well as files indexed to that person. It happened April 13, 2017.

    Brinson admitted to making the search. She says it was done to assist another employee with the sale of a vehicle and to assist with court documents.

    Brinson was suspended without pay for a month and fined $3,000 by the force. But afterward, criminal charges were laid.

    Today, she pleaded guilty to one count of accessing personal information under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

    She told the judge she was sorry, said this was a stupid mistake, and that she learned her lesson.

    Three RNC officers wrote character references letters to the court in support of Brinson.

    Judge Colin Flynn accepted a joint recommendation from counsel for an absolute discharge.

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