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  • RNC Makes Changes to Boost Recruitment

    The RNC wants you—not to do with any criminal matter, but to join the team.

    The provincial police force isn’t attracting as many applicants for officers as it would like, so it is making some changes.

    The RNC is accepting applications to join the 2019 Police Cadet Class until March 30. The training program has been reduced to six months from 12, training begins in July instead of September, cadets will be paid $15 an hour, and minimum educational requirements have been loosened.

    Inspector Alex Brennan, who’s in charge of recruiting, says they’re going to launch an ambitious social media campaign to convince people that the RNC should be the employer of choice. The pay is not bad either.

    A first-year police officer makes about $51,000 but quickly moves up to about $84,000 after a few years. Overtime, court time and statutory holidays are all extra.


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