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  • Roaming Seal Back in Water After Officials Relocate it Twice

    (Photo courtesy RCMP.)

    A wayward seal that showed up in the parking lot of the Burin Peninsula Hospital is now back safely in the water.

    RCMP in Marystown received a call on January 5 about a harp seal lingering near the front doors of the local hospital.

    The seal was safely removed and returned to the open ocean.

    The next day, police received another call reporting that the seal was back on the road in the community of Burin Bay Arm.

    The seal was secured in the back of a police truck and—with the help of DFO officials—relocated to a more isolated area on the Burin Peninsula, far away from human habitation.

    It’s one of a number of recent reports of seals coming ashore around the island, the most notable incidence in Roddickton where a number of the animals have come inland for a rest.

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