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  • Rockslides Common in Grebe’s Nest Area of Bell Island, say Locals

    A man who spent his childhood exploring the area of Bell Island known as the Grebe’s Nest says the area is known for its rockslides.

    Pictures have been circulating on social media showing a large amount of rock that has come loose from the cliffs above.

    Ken Kavanaugh says there are a series of caves in the area that are actually mine shafts that were created when mining operations there first went underground.

    The area has two beaches – one rocky, the other sandy – is popular with hikers and has even seen it’s share of weddings.

    Kavanaugh says, however, it’s always been prone to rockslides and can be very dangerous.

    As for whether the rockslide is connected to a loud boom heard in the Conception Bay area Friday afternoon, Kavanaugh says that’s unlikely. He believes the boom was connected to blasting operations in Conception Bay North, and the rockslide appears to have occurred some time before that.

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