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  • VIDEO Rodents Recorded in Theatre Prompt Concerns from Movie-Goers

    Cineplex says it is taking the issue of pests at its Avalon Mall location very seriously, after video posted to Facebook showed what appeared to be mice in one of its theatres.

    On Saturday, a woman posted video on Facebook capturing what appears to be mice, skittering along the aisle of a theatre during a film. Since then, the video has received hundreds of comments and shares.

    Director of Communications for Cineplex, Sarah Van Lange says they have been in touch with the woman, and are taking her concerns seriously.

    Van Lange says each of their theatres undergo regular inspections by third-party experts. She notes that the company took action early this summer following an increase in rodent activity at the same location.

    She says Cineplex understands—from the property manager—that other tenants have experienced similar issues, and the mouse problem may be the result of construction in the area.

    Service NL has filed a number of reports over the summer beginning on May 16, detailing recommendations from inspectors and steps that the theatre had taken to control pest activity. This includes daily pest control visits, facility repairs, and increasing theatre cleaning shifts for staff.

    Over the following months, it continued further reports on additional recommendations and updates noted during inspections.

    View the food establishment inspection reports from Service NL at this link.

    Van Lange says Cineplex has been working closely with the local health inspector and the mall’s property manager, Crombie REIT, to implement “each and every recommendation” provided.

    In a statement, Crombie REIT says it holds contracts with national pest control companies to eliminate the activity of pests at its properties. In addition, each of its tenants has their own measures in place.

    “We act on recommendations that these contractors, or provincial Department of Health authorities, make regarding pest control to ensure that we meet or exceed all health-related requirements.”

    Crombie REIT says as standard procedure with renovations, it increases pest control efforts as precaution.

    Van Lange assures that the theatre is safe, and they are continuing to take extra measures to address the issue.

    This video was taken last night in the food court.

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