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  • Royal Newfoundland Regiment Museum Opens in St. John’s

    A memorial by veterans for veterans who’ve come and gone, the brand new museum of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment opened today at the W. Anthony Paddon Building in St. John’s. VOCM’s Andrew Hawthorn was there.

    Previously stored almost unknown in one of the many buildings of Fort Pepperell, the Regimental museum is a treasure trove of documents, medals and artifacts dating back to the War of 1812.
    Lieutenant Governor Frank Fagan opened the museum today, slashing the ribbon with a bayonet.

    The ceremony included the unveiling of a new prized acquisition: the medal for gallantry awarded to Stewart Dewling, one of only two medals awarded to the Regiment at Beaumont Hamel.

    Museum committee member Chris Butt presented the rare medals explaining there was a reason so few were awarded to Newfoundlanders throughout the war: a solemn pact by their officers to honour the hundreds who fell at Beaumont Hamel itself on July first. To recognize those who could never receive enough for all they had given.

    To honour those who never wavered and never looked back.

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