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  • Rural Clinics Under Western Health to Stop Dispensing Medication

    Western Health says rural clinics in its region will no longer dispense medications as of March 1st.

    The health authority says physicians had been dispensing medications in some rural areas where there were no pharmacy services. Western Health says since there are now pharmacies in those communities, rural clinics will no longer dispense medications.

    The health authority says patients who currently get their drug prescriptions filled at community clinics will need to make arrangements to purchase and receive their medications through the pharmacy of their choice.

    Patients at community clinics in Parsons Pond, Daniels Harbour, Cow Head, Hampden, Jackson’s Arm and Pollards Point must contact their doctor to make sure their prescription is transferred to a pharmacy before March 1.

    Those in Trout River and Woody Point will need to make arrangements with their local pharmacy to arrange delivery or pick-up of their medication.

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