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  • Rural NL Needs to Jump-Start Entrepreneurial Spirit, says Former Port aux Choix Mayor

    Port aux Choix post card circa 1980, courtesy Billy Gould.

    The greatest weakness in developing rural Newfoundland and Labrador is a lack of entrepreneurial spirit.

    That’s according to the long-time former mayor of Port aux Choix. Carolyn Lavers has worked on a municipal level for many years and is dedicated to the success of rural Newfoundland and Labrador. She says the fishery is still a very viable industry but she’s surprised by a lack of private investment in many rural areas, especially on the Northern Peninsula.

    She says local residents aren’t investing locally. She was “astounded” by the amount of money being held in banks, but which is never reinvested in the community. She claims that there is a complete absence of an entrepreneurial culture in many areas.

    As an example, she cited an old school building in her community which has been sitting vacant for years. She says it would make an excellent seniors home or some other kind of affordable housing, but no one has come forward to exploit the opportunity.

    Lavers blames politicians who are always promising to create jobs.

    She was speaking on the VOCM Roundtable on the Future of Rural NL which will air this afternoon. She says politicians don’t create jobs, and she says the expectation that government will do it is what is ruining many parts of the province. The VOCM Roundtable will air this afternoon at 4:00.

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