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  • Safety of Children Emphasized Ahead of Edible THC Legalization

    It’s still four months away but concerns remain about the legalization of edibles set for this fall.

    Children are already showing up in emergency rooms across the country with signs of cannabis intoxication.

    Paula Delahunty is an Addictions Coordinator with the Mental Health and Addictions program at Eastern Health. She says ingested cannabis can have a stronger and more prolonged effect, especially in children.

    She says THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, can cause significant risks and harm to children. Delahunty says cannabis toxicity can present with a variety of signs and symptoms such as paranoia, delusions, and elevated heart rate that would require medical treatment.

    While not yet legal, there are many marijuana products sold in the form of cookies, candies, brownies, beverages and other edibles with appealing packaging resembling commercially available snacks or candies—all things that look attractive to a child.

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    Delahunty says it’s very important to store your marijuana products in a secure area that is not accessible to children and pets.

    If you think your child has consumed marijuana or a related product, get medical attention right away.

    Paula Delahunty spoke on the VOCM Morning Show. Listen below.

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