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  • Salmon Anglers Meet with DFO to Discuss 2019 Management Strategy

    The Department of Fisheries and Oceans held a meeting with anglers last night in St. John’s regarding their 2019 management strategy.

    It was a full house at the Holiday Inn in St. John’s last night as anglers from across the province assembled to have their say on DFO’s management strategy for 2019. A lot of the focus was on the protocol for closing and opening rivers, and catch and release and retention limits.

    Jackie King with DFO says the input gathered will be considered when creating the plan for next year.

    She says they will look at these meetings, consultations, and scientific advice before making any decisions.

    Meanwhile, one man who was not pleased with the proceedings last night left his seat in frustration at one point. Rick Bouzan was frustrated with the format of the meeting as he feels anglers should have more time to voice their concerns.

    He called the panel a “Mickey Mouse committee.”

    Gerry Byrne, the provincial minister for Fisheries and Land Resources, was also in attendance.

    Byrne says the decision to close the rivers mid-season last year caused a lot of frustration, which was directed to DFO at the meeting.

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