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  • Salmon Cove Man Spent Years Documenting White Fleet

    A Salmon Cove man is generating a great deal of interest with pictures and information he gathered while befriending visiting Portuguese fishermen back in the early 1980s.

    Berkely Reynolds says he was working in St. John’s three decades ago when he got to know some of the Portuguese White Fleet fishermen who used to come to the capital city to fuel up while fishing off the Grand Banks.

    He befriended many, and estimates he took some 100 pictures, never imaging that they would help to document a period of the province’s history.

    Reynolds says through Facebook he’s managed to share his picutures and reconnect with lost friends, but it’s also had the added bonus of attracting the attention of historians interested in the connections between Newfoundland and Portugal.

    He says an article is coming in the Newfoundland Quarterly, and others have been in contact with him as well. He wishes he had the foresight to gather more of the men’s names when he met them, and he’s amazed at the attention the pictures are receiving.

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