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  • Salmon Escape Flags Concerns from Open-Pen Opposition

    NOAA via Creative Commons.

    Opponents of open-pen fish farming are skeptical of company estimates on the number of escaped salmon at a farm on the south coast.

    Cooke Aquaculture says between 2,000 and 3,000 salmon escaped from a cage after a rope came undone. It happened over a four-day period at the end of July, and the cage has since been repaired.

    Bill Bryden, who has all kinds of problems with the way aquaculture is handled in Newfoundland, says his information is a lot different than the numbers being given by Cooke Aquaculture. Bryden, speaking on VOCM Open Line with Darrell Power, said the company’s estimates are ridiculous.

    Local fishermen told him that thousands of fish were jumping and schooling. The pen in question contained about 75,000 fish as of December 31, 2017, and Bryden says he will be posting a video showing the activity.

    Bryden is concerned about the spread of Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA). He questions when the fish were last treated with antibiotics.

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