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  • School of Music Dean Talks Importance of Pride on Campus

    The Dean of the School of Music at Memorial University says the annual Pride on Campus event helps build an accepting and supportive campus for all students.

    And Dr. Ian Sutherland says that is exactly the experience he had when he came out as a young gay man about 18 years ago. He was a music student at Memorial at the time. He says he was very lucky that he experienced a very accepting and nurturing environment, and that his family was very supportive, too.

    Dr. Sutherland took part yesterday at the launch of the eighth annual Pride On Campus. A flag raising ceremony was held at the Arts and Administration Building.

    Dr. Ian Sutherland says these types of events mark what the LGBTQ community has achieved. But he says it’s also a reminder of the past, and the work that still needs to be done.

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