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  • Scientists Outline Aquaculture ‘Genetic Pollution’ Prevention Strategy

    Scientists from the controversial Grieg NL Aquaculture project gave a presentation at the Placentia Bay Industry Showcase outlining, among other things, their strategy to prevent “genetic pollution” in their aquaculture project in Placentia Bay.

    One of the primary concerns about the project is the possibility of farmed salmon escaping their pens and interbreeding with local population. The Atlantic Salmon Federation has made an appeal to Environment Minister Perry Trimper largely based on those concerns.

    Candice Way from Grieg says the salmon used in the farm will be all female and sterilized so that they can’t reproduce with wild populations should an escape occur. The sterilization will be done through natural means at a site in Iceland and from there they’ll be shipped to this province.

    Way says more than that, since the fish don’t go through sexual maturation, they can grow bigger than those that do.

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