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  • Scotland Couple Finds NL Message in a Bottle a Decade Later

    A man from Grand Falls-Windsor is celebrating the life of his parents after a message in a bottle they released on their 50th anniversary was recently found by a couple in Scotland.

    Raymond and Joan Flood of Grand Falls-Windsor celebrated their 50th anniversary with family in St. John’s back in 2007.

    The long-married couple released balloons with notes in bottles tied to them from Signal Hill.

    Joan passed away shortly after, followed by Raymond four years ago.

    Jon Maclean, from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, recently found one of the bottles while out on a Sunday walk with his girlfriend.

    Raymond Flood Jr. says he never thought he would see the notes again, and when his daughter would ask him if they’d ever hear from anyone he would always tell her “probably not.”

    The man from Scotland researched for months, thinking the NL on the note meant Netherlands. Eventually he realized it meant Newfoundland and Labrador and tracked down Raymond Jr.

    Flood says it’s a story that will stay with him for the rest of his life. He says people shouldn’t give up like he did, because the message might just find its way back.

    Raymond is planning to travel to Scotland next year to meet with the man who found his parents’ note.

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