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  • Seal for Hope Raises Over $15,000 for Air Daffodil Program

    A local fundraiser presented the Canadian Cancer Society with a cheque for $15,500 in St. John’s today to help cancer patients in Labrador with travel expenses.

    Lauren Guiney began Seal with Hope in 2016 after a visit to Labrador and speaking with MP Yvonne Jones.

    She says Jones showed her the care facilities in Labrador and highlighted the challenges for cancer patients who have to travel long distances for treatment. So she decided to begin a fundraiser to ease the burden of travel.

    For three years, Guiney has been raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society. To date the charity has raised nearly $40,000 for the Air Daffodil program which helps cancer patients in Labrador with their travel expenses.

    This afternoon she drew a name for a draw for a $4,000 seal skin coat from Always in Vogue Furriers in St. John’s.

    Kelly Tricco from Labrador was the winner.

    Canadian Cancer Society’s Nichole Patten says today’s donation is above and beyond what she expected.

    She says it’s incredible that Guiney raised this amount and it will mean a lot for those who have to travel for cancer care.

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