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  • SeaRose Production Will Not Resume Until Integrity Verified: Husky

    (SeaRose FPSO via Husky Energy.)

    Husky says it will not resume production on the SeaRose FPSO until Husky’s Senior VP in the Atlantic region and the C-NLOPB are satisfied that the integrity of production is where it needs to be.

    Officials have not yet been able to recover the flowline connector as the investigation into a spill in the offshore November 16th continues.

    Some 250,000 litres of oil spilled into the offshore from the SeaRose FPSO while it was preparing to resume production following an intense storm a day earlier.

    Senior Vice President, Atlantic Region with Husky, Trevor Pritchard says the connector hasn’t been brought to the surface because of the possibility that it may contain oil.

    He says the pipe may contain oil and they want to ensure there are no further spills before removing it.

    He says what they know right now is that the spill occurred while they were “hot oiling”—part of preparations for the resumption of production.

    He says they were two hours into that process when there was a sudden drop in pressure and a short time later the Atlantic Hawk found oil at the surface.

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