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  • Self-Checkouts not Checking Out Any Time Soon, Says Walmart Canada

    (Photo via Wikicommons.)

    Some big retailers in Canada’s largest city are said to be moving away from the technology, but don’t expect self checkouts to go the way of the dodo in this neck of the woods any time soon.

    Walmart Canada says instead of cutting back, it is adding self-checkout services to its stores, including St. John’s.

    The company tells VOCM News it’s to help make their customers’ shopping experience more convenient. Some have argued it’s less convenient and eliminates jobs.

    Walmart Canada recently introduced a Scan and Go program that allows shoppers to scan items while they walk through the store.

    That program was rolled out late in 2017 in select stores and is still under evaluation according to company officials, although some stores have already discontinued the service.

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