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  • Sentencing Hearing for Man Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Children

    A warning, some readers may find this story triggering.

    Counsel has presented submissions for sentencing in the case of 68-year-old Chris Snow, convicted of sexually assaulting multiple children.

    The children, both male and female, were ages 6-16 at the time of assaults. The incidents happened in the 1960s and 70s. Today, as adults, they sat in the courtroom, comforting each other, as victim impact statements were read to Supreme Court Justice William Goodridge.

    One woman told the court she’s had difficulty in her relationships throughout her life, and avoids intimacy. She described having to cocoon herself in blankets to feel safe at night.

    Another victim said as a child, she wouldn’t go for sleepovers, and wouldn’t invite friends over, out of fear she would wet the bed, and someone would find out what was happening to her.

    Chris Snow, wiping away tears, only said he knows he must serve his time.

    The Crown says Snow’s crimes are very serious and extremely intrusive. Snow would enter the children’s bedrooms and engage in multiple sexual acts, including penetration. The Crown wants 12-15 years imprisonment for Snow, who will turn 69 in January.

    The defence argues the judge must consider his childhood. Snow had abusive parents and was taken out of school in Grade 2. The defence acknowledged the crimes were serious – they’re asking for 6.5-9 years.

    Sentencing has been set for next Wednesday morning.

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