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  • Skipper Recounts Rescue from Vessel on Shore of St. Pierre

    The skipper of a fishing vessel that ran aground off St. Pierre Monday morning says he and his crew are lucky to be alive, thanks to the efforts of their French rescuers.

    Reuben Rose of Harbour Breton was the skipper of the Arlene Adonna, a fishing vessel owned by the Conne River Mi’Kmaq Band Council.

    The vessel ran aground off Iles aux Marins, part of the French islands of St. Pierre et Miquelon Monday morning.

    He and his crew were taken off the boat in a small fast rescue craft by members of the French SNSM (Societe Nauticale Sauvetage en Mer).

    Rose says he was the last one removed from the vessel as the surf pounded the boat. He tells VOCM News he couldn’t get a survival suit on in the rough and wet conditions, and when the French rescuers came alongside in a small craft asking him to jump, he really thought it was the end.

    He says with the surf pounding and rocks all around, he was afraid he would land between the boats and be killed.

    One of Rose’s fellow crewmen hurt his hand during the rescue, while another had to be taken to hospital for shock.

    Rose says the French people treated them really well, feeding them and getting them a hotel. He says he’d like to get back over to St. Pierre sometime this summer to thank them personally.

    Transport Canada is conducting an investigation into what happened.

    Photo courtesy Christophe Henri Siegfriedt‎.

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