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  • Slippery Weather a Dangerous Challenge for Seniors

    Slips and falls pose a great danger, especially to seniors.

    That’s according to Dr. Christopher Patey who is an Emergency Room doctor at the Carbonear General Hospital.

    Dr. Patey told Paddy Daly on the VOCM Morning Show that the weather conditions over the last few days have proven challenging. He says many people, especially those over the age of 75 are at a higher risk of fractures, including hip, wrist, shoulder and head injuries.

    He says salt doesn’t always do the trick depending on conditions and it’s good to have both salt and sand on hand. Good footwear is key as well.

    He says you need good traction in your footwear. He suggests the use of creepers which can be strapped onto your shoes or boots, he also suggests making sure you have a sturdy handrail around stairs and make sure your salt and sand is handy and not stored away.

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