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  • Small Scale Fishery May Be Solution to Low Cod Stocks: Study

    Research from the University of British Columbia points to small scale fisheries as the solution to decades worth of low cod stocks.

    Dr. Daniel Pauly is the lead researcher with Sea Around Us, a UBC based group that measures the impact of fisheries on marine ecosystems.

    Pauly says the fisheries in Newfoundland and Labrador haven’t learned from the Cod Moratorium of 1992.

    He says when he came to Canada in 1994 it was expected the cod would recover and it was a mystery for two decades why it wasn’t happening, but he says the answer is simple, they continued to be fished.

    Through his research Pauly found unreported catches to be double than those reported.

    He says the only real solution is to return to small scale fisheries until cod stocks recover, but in the meantime DFO needs to understand the true catch and how discarded and unreported fish contribute to cod stocks.

    He says because the biomass of codfish is so low relative to the 60’s, even discarded fish and small catch fisheries like the recreational fishery adds significant pressure for the cod stocks to recover.

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