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    The Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association will be sending eight teams to the Atlantic Championships starting on July 5 and concluding on July 8, 2018. Each team will compete in a round robin format with Championships slated for Sunday July 8.

    Portugal Cove-St.Philip’s will host the Girls U13 and U14 championships, while the boys U13 and U14 teams will travel to Charlottetown, PEI. The Boys U15 and U16 teams will be in Halifax, NS while the Girls U15 and U16 teams will be in Moncton, NB. For up-to-date results please visit the Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association website at www.nlsa.ca or follow the NLSA on Twitter (@SoccerNLSA)

    Members of the NLSA Girls Under 13 Team are: Sara Simmonds, Kayla Musseau, Daria Walsh, Ava Williams, Emma Power, Olivia Browne, Katherine Melnick, Mary Noftall, Kendra Hipditch, Kaitlyn Lee, Claire Ozon, Pernille Jarding, Leila McCrate, Grace Nolan, Grace Bulter, Anna Pike, Samantha Morgan, Paige Moores, Laci Whelan and Mary Whiffen. The Head Coach is Dragan Mirkovic. The Assistant Coach is Maria Mackey and the Manager is Farrah McCrate.

    Members of the NLSA Girls Under 14 Team are: Ashley Melnick, Ava Colbert, Brooklyn Sooley, Emma Halliday, Emmy Furukawa, Erica Murphy, Hannah Fudge, Isabella Hoddinott, Isabella Ryan, Jessie Ball, Katie Greenslade, Keely Brown, Lauren Rowe, Lauren Slaney, Lauren Wright, Morgan Harris, Shannon Galway and Stephanie Thoms. The Head Coach is Nicole Moores. The Assistant Coach is Aoife Bodman and the Manager is Nicole Halliday.

    Members of the NLSA Girls Under 15 Team are: Alexa Tobin, Ciara Molloy, Emily Newman, Rachel Abbott, Sarah Maude Bourgeois, Emma McIssac, Anna Jewer, Claire Kean, Grace Walsh, Lauren Slaney, Abigial Evans, Breanne Gilmore, Chantal McDonald, Emily Butt, Belle King, Brooke Andrews, Courtney Neville and Leah Penney. The Head Coach is Leigh Fitzpatrick. The Assistant Coach is Victoria Whelan and the Manager is Laurie Tobin.

    Members of the NLSA Girls Under 16 Team are: Melissa Bazan, Maria Downey, Anna James, Sarah Jones, Julie Oliver, Hayley Peters, Olivia Ryan, Abbie Betts, Kaitlyn Hall, Alyssa Jenkins, Laura Murray Ashley O’Neill, Zoe Rowe, Chloe McKeown, Leah Gladney and Hilary Button. The Head Coach is Mike Power. The assistant Coach is Mike Oliver and the Manager is Pam Reid.

    Members of the NLSA Boys Under 13 Team are: Nathan Edwards, Robert Hodge, Matthew Morrison, Santiago Wozney, Anyang Achiek, Marco Del Rizzo, Aaron Reid, Alvaro Novo, Cian O’Dea, Cole Conway, Gabe Stead, Alex Kelloway, Luke Gaulton, Davis Fisher, Luca Rotondi, Matthew Winsor, Agape Lambert, Marcus Patterson, Joseph Martin and Tyler Nolan. The Head Coach is Bernie Manning. The Assistant Coach is Sheldon Barry and the Manager is Mark Reddy.

    Members of the NLSA Boys Under 14 Team are: Alexander Dillon, Anderson Pritchard, Braedon Harvey, Dylan Owens, Ethan Strickland, Finlay Stephen, Finley Manning, Firmosa Hasen, Isaac Bailey, Ian O’Driscoll, Kirk Edwards, Logan Dobbin, Matthew Cornect, Max Baker Pike, Nicholas Jones, Owen Afonso, Reggie Pike and Tristan Pike. The Head Coach is Shane Antle. The Assistant Coach is Bobby Gamba and the Manager is Todd Taylor.

    Members of the NLSA Boys Under 15 Team are: Alexandre Nunes, Ben James, Brandon Toope, Brett Russell, Carter Hemeon-Gill, Colby Stephen, Daniel Courage, Daniel Hanlon, David Broders, Jacob Bartlett, Jacob Norman, Jonathan Furlong, Lewis Peters, Liam Hennessey, Mycah Winsor, Ryan Earles, Ryan Kenny and Taj Exley. The Head Coach is Cameron Carpenter. The Assistant Coach is Kody Dober and the Manager is Adam Courage

    Members of the NLSA Boys Under 16 Team are: Aaron Budgell, Andrew Gamba, Ayo Owolabi, Ben Chislett, Ben Moret-Rideout, Cabhan O’Keefe, Colin Connors, Dylan Hartson, Eric Ardis, Hashem Khalifa, Jeffrey King, Josh Power, Josh Reimer, Keaton Barry, Kyle Ryan, Liam Lundrigan, Nathan Brake, Owen Sheppard, Riley Kelloway and William Gamperl. The Head Coach is Ryan Caines. The Assistant Coach is Bill Lundrigan and the Manager is Lino O’Keefe.

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