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  • Vehicle Abandoned on Eric Street Had Been Reported Stolen in November

    A happy ending to the case of the abandoned CR-V on Eric Street.

    The vehicle has been causing headaches for the residents of the St. John’s neighbourhood, especially for snow clearing. But perhaps the biggest headache belonged to the owner of the CR-V, Melissa Bradbury.

    She awoke this morning to friends calling to say they saw her car featured in our story on VOCM.com.

    The Portugal Cove resident has been looking for the vehicle since November, when it was reported stolen from her sister’s driveway. It’s been almost that long parked on Eric Street.

    The CR-V has been missing so long it was already written off by Bradbury’s insurance, so she’s in the process of contacting them to see the right way to proceed.

    Bradbury is thrilled to be reunited with her vehicle. However she wonders, with Eric Street residents calling the city about the vehicle for weeks, her calling the city for months, why wasn’t it discovered sooner.

    No Report Filed on Abandoned Vehicle, says RNC

    Constable James Cadigan of the RNC says no report on the abandoned vehicle had been filed with them before today.

    The CR-V has since been towed from Eric Street, and will now be tested by forensic officers for any remaining evidence in the original theft.

    Cadigan says the RNC had the theft report from November, but nothing about the abandoned vehicle. However, residents of Eric’s Street say officials had looked at the vehicle at least a month prior.

    Still, if there is an abandoned vehicle in your area, Constable Cadigan encourages residents to call the RNC as well as the city.

    Earlier Story

    A St. John’s neighbourhood is fed up with a vehicle apparently abandoned in their area.

    Peter Barfoot says the Honda CR-V has been parked on Eric Street in front of his elderly father’s home since November.

    As a result, his father and uncle, both seniors, have to shovel an additional 10 to 20 feet in order to get out of their driveway.

    Barfoot says he and his neighbours have repeatedly called city council to have the vehicle, the latest stickers on which date to March of 2018, towed away, but to no avail.

    He says he’s heard horror stories of people parked on Water Street, some of whom work in the area until late at night, have had their vehicles towed away because they impede snow clearing, but people in his dad’s neighbourhood can’t get action to have a vehicle that’s causing them problems dealt with.

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