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    (Photo courtesy Team Canada.)

    A hockey player from St. John’s scored her first goal of a world championship tournament yesterday, but it was in a losing cause. Maggie Connors, a forward, has been going to school in St. Mary’s, Minnesota, but plays for the Canadian women’s under-18 team. The team’s in Russia for the World Under-18 Women’s Hockey Championship.

    Connors scored Canada’s first goal yesterday against the U-S, but they ended up losing 6-2.

    Canada beat the Czechs this morning, and will play the States on Thursday in the semi-finals.


    Metro Basketball

    Metro Basketball results for January 9th


    Game # 1
    M5 53 Maries Mini Mart 51

    M5 Jeremy McCarthy 29
    MMM Mike Fudge 18 Jeff Locke 10

    Game # 2
    Chislett Whitten Law 50 Dr. Leslie Moss Professional Medical Corporation 41

    CWL Colin Mcneil 23
    PMC Brian Kiellly 10

    Game # 3
    Marco Construction 50 Fougere Menchenton Archictecture Inc 40

    Marco Brad Drover 18 Ben Volker 11 Dave Shears 10
    FMA Cory Freake 17 Bob White 11



    The RE/MAX Centre has asked that I fill the role of Media Contact for the SuperLeague Season. The 15-team, round robin for the RE/MAX SuperLeague Championship has continued this week with six games in Draw #12, and will continue most weeks until at least March 6. Then Playoffs will be scheduled until at least April 4. The RE/MAX Centre is open to the public for SuperLeague play.

    The Results, with some Highlights, for the six games played this week are given below. Please feel free to reply or phone me if you have questions or seek clarification. I look forward to facilitating your coverage of the 2017 – 2018 RE/MAX SuperLeague Season. Thank you for your interest in including RE/MAX SuperLeague curling amongst your sports news.

    Carl Strong 368-9844
    Volunteer RE/MAX SuperLeague Media Contact






    Scores and highlights for the six Draw #12 games; the first SuperLeague games of 2018:

    ICE #1: Pepsi (skipped by Rick Rowsell) held onto a 4-1 lead after 3 ends and a 6-1 lead after 5 ends over Coastal Chiropractic (skipped by Matthew Smith). This despite Rowsell missing a draw for four in the 3rd end; the 3 in that end was the biggest count of the game and it turned out to be the margin of victory. Smith managed to close the score to 7-4 by the time the game finished. The win by Pepsi moved them above .500. Just five teams are above .500, but there will only be four teams making the Playoffs.

    ICE #2: Team Mark Noseworthy scored the only two multiples of the game early; deuces in the first and 3rd ends over Team Heather Strong. The only bright spots for the women evaporated in the 5th end when Strong rolled out on a possible 3-count …. then lost a measure to settle for a single, and in the 6th end when Noseworthy perfectly executed a double raise takeout onto four stones frozen around the button (thereby avoiding a steal). A certain measure of frustration showed through as Strong was prompted to shake hands with the final score 6-2. The win put Team Noseworthy into 6th place in the Standings; the only team at .500.

    ICE #3: McInnes Cooper / Power Conditioning Inc. (skipped by Trent Skanes) were in tough against second place Team Adam Boland. The Boland foursome followed singles by Skanes in the 2nd, 4th, and 6th ends with 3-counts in the 3rd, 5th, and 7th which was all the scoring in the game that ended 9-3. The win by Team Adam Boland drew them even in the win column (8-1) with first place makethecall.ca; the Colin Thomas skipped foursome is 8-0. The score-big-with-hammer offence is the kind of offence you like to see going into the Men’s Provincial Championship later this month.

    ICE #4: Team Kelli Turpin (with Michelle Jewer skipping) built up a 4-1 lead at the half over the Provincial Women’s Champion In the Box Media Promotions / Narrows 61 (skipped by Stacie Curtis) on the strength of a pair in the first end and a memorable shot-of-the-game steal in the 4th. Facing a game-tying count by the Curtis foursome, Jewer made a perfect freeze through a complicated port on a rock at the back of the button. So good was the freeze that Curtis chose to throw away her hammer. Her confidence was rewarded in the 6th end when they scored three to narrow the score to 5-4, but Jewer scored a pair in the 7th and had an open hit with her last rock in the 8th making the final 7-4.

    ICE #5: Fourth place Team Paul Harvey scored the first 6 points of the game over Team A. Harvey (skipped by substitute Jeff Thomas). The teams then traded deuces but the A. Harvey – Sponsored Team could not muster much offence against the Paul Harvey foursome and the final score was 8-3. Now at 7 wins and 3 losses, Team Paul Harvey stayed comfortably in fourth place. Team A. Harvey is one of four teams with 6 losses which is probably too many for a playoff run.

    ICE #6 Third place Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy (skipped by Andrew Symonds) were forced to the limit by persistent ASHAM (skipped by Greg Smith) which was fighting to move to .500. Although the Symonds foursome led 4-1 at the half, both teams managed just one multiple (a pair by Symonds in the first end and a pair by Smith in the 7th end closing the score to 5-4). There were lots of rocks in play every end and both skips missed an opportunity or two to put up additional points. However, the game-of-the-night will be remembered for a couple of key shots late in the game. In the 6th end with hammer, Symonds executed perfectly a run-back double takeout facing 3 opposing counters; and the last rock of the game (again by Symonds with hammer) was a draw to the 4-foot circle against a couple of buried stones that had potential to give the win to ASHAM. There was panic-sweeping at the centre of the sheet; the front end backed away at the hog line; and they had to jump in again as the rock entered the house and started slowing down quickly.

    The three teams with a bye this week were first place makethecall.ca (skipped by Colin Thomas, Team Nathan Young, and Ches’s Fish & Chips (skipped by Greg Blyde). There are interesting matchups scheduled for next week before there is a break to play the 9-team Men’s Provincial.

    Standings (with 63 of 105 games now played):

    8 – 0 makethecall.ca (skipped by Colin Thomas)
    8 – 1 Team Adam Boland
    6 – 2 Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy (skipped by Andrew Symonds)
    7 – 3 Team Paul Harvey
    4 – 3 Pepsi (skipped by Rick Rowsell)

    4 – 4 Team Mark Noseworthy
    4 – 5 Team Kelli Turpin
    4 – 5 In the Box Media Promotions / Narrows 61 (skipped by Stacie Curtis)
    5 – 6 McInnes Cooper / Power Conditioning Inc. (skipped by Trent Skanes)

    3 – 5 ASHAM (skipped by Greg Smith)
    3 – 6 Team Heather Strong
    2 – 5 Ches’s Fish & Chips (skipped by Greg Blyde)
    2 – 6 Coastal Chiropractic (skipped by Matthew Smith)
    2 – 6 Team A. Harvey (skipped by Glenn Goss)
    1 – 6 Team Nathan Young

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