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  • St. John’s Resident Slams City After Vehicle Slams into Pole on Black Ice

    (Submitted photo.)

    A St. John’s man is accusing the capital city of dropping the ball when it comes to black ice conditions in the region this morning.

    Wayne Stokes says his wife was heading down over Glenview Terrace towards LeMarchant Road 7:30 this morning when her four-wheel drive started to slide.

    (Submitted photo.)

    He says she wasn’t going very fast to begin with and had the brakes and anti-skid full-on, but was unable to stop until she struck a pole. He says the vehicle is written off.

    Stokes is pointing the finger at the capital city.

    He says the city did not do it’s due diligence in making sure the roads, particularly hills, were salted.

    Earlier Story

    Roads in the metro region are covered in black ice this morning, making for treacherous driving conditions.

    It might not be yesterday’s freezing rain but rain and snowmelt combined in freezing temperatures overnight to make for slick conditions on the Avalon.

    Listeners report a few slips and spills on the way to the car this morning.

    PAL Airlines and Aerospace Meterologist Brian Walsh says rain should turn to flurries in the afternoon with little accumulation.

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