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  • Garbage Collection to be Maintained on Pearson Street, Councillor says

    A St. John’s City Councillor says garbage collection will be maintained on all properties on Pearson Street. That, following concerns from a resident after they were told some homes would no longer be serviced when the city implements automated garbage collection in the area.

    Marion Atkinson says she was informed by letter than service would be discontinued, as the street’s set up doesn’t suit the city’s automated garbage system. She says a portion of the street has designated parking, and no direct street access via walkway or driveway.

    Councillor Ian Froude allayed concerns during Monday’s council meeting by saying conversations with the residents on the street will determine how garbage collection will be maintained.

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    A resident of Pearson Street in St. John’s says she is outraged after learning the city will be cutting garbage collection from a section of her street.

    Marion Atkinson says she received the letter from the city on April 8th when she returned home from hospital. The letter was dated March 27th.

    She says a portion of the street, that has designated parking and no direct street access via walkway or driveway will no longer have garbage collection because the setup does not suit the city’s new automated garbage system.

    Atkinson says they were left with two options: bring the garbage to Robin Hood Bay, or hire a private contractor.

    Atkinson says she asked if property taxes would be deducted to compensate for paying for a private contractor. She received no reply.

    Atkinson says areas that don’t suit the automated garbage collection should still receive regular collection.

    She says she would like to see the status quo continue, and if not, give them a tax break.

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