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  • St. John’s Seeks Delay for Secondary Wastewater Treatment Facility

    (Riverhead Wastewater Treatment Facility, courtesy City of St. John's.)

    The city of St. John’s is seeking approval from the federal government to put off construction of a secondary wastewater treatment facility until 2030.

    In 2014, new regulations were introduced by the federal government to reduce harmful solids and chemicals from any wastewater produced.

    At the time, the city’s levels of these solids and chemicals were too high, meaning they’d have to begin secondary treatment by 2020. However, since then, several issues with the Riverhead wastewater treatment facility have been fixed and levels have been reduced.

    Mayor Danny Breen believes government should review the new results. He says that government should review our current levels and allow the project to be delayed until 2030.

    Breen says there would be a significant financial impact on residents if the project has to be done. He says the new facility would add an additional $105 to the current water tax rate, and an additional 20 per cent to business water rates.

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