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  • St. John’s to Make Pilot Traffic Programs Permanent

    The City of St John’s will be making some permanent traffic changes in two neighbourhoods, but it could be a while before that happens.

    Traffic Lead, Councillor Debbie Hanlon says two pilot projects that saw the realignment of traffic will be permanently enacted. They include a temporary roundabout at the base of Signal Hill and the trial redirection of traffic at Veterans Square, pending the release of capital funding.

    A third project may take a bit more time. Hanlon says the mini-roundabout at Great Eastern Avenue and Petite Forte Drive in Kenmount Terrace was hugely successful in slowing traffic, but it was unpopular with local residents. She says that measure has been deferred until further discussion can happen between city staff, police and people living in Kenmount Terrance.

    Hanlon says it could be some time before the changes at Signal Hill and Veterans Square are enacted. Hanlon says those changes could be at least a year away as they await capital funding.

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