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  • St. John’s Video Explains Changes to Rawlins Cross

    If you’re looking to navigate the downtown area of the capital city, you might want to watch this first.

    The City of St. John’s has released a video and online explanation of changes coming to Rawlins Cross.

    The area has always been tricky for traffic navigation. Changes in the pilot project include losing the stop lights and blocking off Military Road in the area, essentially turning Rawlins Cross into more of a Rawlins oval.

    The change forces traffic into a roundabout using the existing road structure.

    No time has been set for the changes, but an information session is scheduled for next Wednesday, July 25 at the Bannerman Park pool house starting at 6:00 p.m.. More information can be found here.

    Meanwhile, the mayor of St. John’s is not in favour of removing the traffic lights on Military Road at Rawlins Cross. Danny Breen told VOCM Open Line with Paddy Daly that any gain would be minimal at best.

    He’s concerned about the impact on pedestrians and he can’t see any significant improvement coming from the pilot project.

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