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  • Standing Room Only for Marystown Grieg Information Session

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    An information session hosted by Grieg NL, proponent of a land based salmon recirculating hatchery in Marystown and several sea based cage grow outs in Placentia Bay saw a lot more interest than they expected in Marystown last night.

    Over a thousand people turned out, forcing organizers to split the presentations into two sessions in order to cope with capacity regulations. VOCM’s Bob Power reports.

    People from the whole region turned up for the sessions, some out of curiosity, others looking for jobs, while some others expressed interest in training.

    Marystown Resident Jeff Pittman said he felt there were people there who were looking for more than just work. He says a lot of the people there were already employed, but were looking to have employment that kept them closer to home and family.


    Besides a hatchery and the grow outs Grieg NL plans to be part of a feed plant, a lumpfish hatchery, and also to get involved in processing. While it’s still in the planning stage Grieg officials say it’s never too early to start training and planning for future employment opportunities.

    Mayor Sam Synard said the turn out itself speaks volumes.

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