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  • Steven Neville Not Guilty of Second Degree Murder, Attempted Murder

    Steven Neville has been acquitted of second degree murder and attempted murder.

    The courtroom was full, but quiet and still, while the gallery awaited the jury’s arrival.

    The foreperson stood to read the verdict. Not guilty of second degree murder in the death of 19-year-old Doug Flynn, and not guilty of attempted murder against Ryan Dwyer. Both men were stabbed multiple times in Paradise in 2010.

    The Crown argued Neville intended to stab both men to harm them. The defence maintained it was self defence.

    How the jury reached their verdict will never be known. Jurors are not permitted to discuss deliberations with anyone.

    It was a long eight days waiting for the verdict to arrive, but defence lawyer Bob Buckingham says it’s a good day for his client. Buckingham says he can now move on from this after the last nine years—nearly six of those were spent in jail.

    The families of the victims gasped and cried out when the verdict came down, one jumping up and quickly leaving the courtroom.

    Neville and his family left shortly afterwards, smiling and grateful.

    Neville tells reporters that he’s relieved his innocence has been proven. He says he’s been through a lot of stress these past nine years, and he’s relieved the ordeal is now over.

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