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  • Stranded Passengers Fly to St. John’s, Only to Turn Around and Fly Back to Toronto

    There are some 250 irate people whose plane turned around and went back to Toronto last night after being in position for a landing at St. John’s International.

    Passengers on the Air Canada flight had been trying to get back to Newfoundland for a couple of days, and thought they were on their way last night after Air Canada placed them on a larger plane, a 767. However, just before they were to begin their descent to St.John’s, the plane turned back to Toronto. Passengers were later told that the runway on which they were to land had not been cleared.

    Passenger Deirdre Ayre of St. John’s says the first indication that something was wrong came when they experienced turbulence just outside St. John’s. As the descent dragged on the passengers became suspicious, then suddenly their flight trackers indicated that even though they were over the city, they had around 2,100 kilometres to go. They were headed back.

    The passengers have been accommodated on other flights today.

    YYT says Incident was Airline Specific

    St. John’s International Airport is pointing the finger back at Air Canada following yesterday’s incident.

    In a tweet sent out this afternoon, the airport says since they reopened to traffic following yesterday’s storm, 21 flights landed at the airport.

    It says the situation involving AC (Air Canada) Flight 694 was airline specific.

    The Airport maintains that all information regarding runway conditions was well communicated to airlines and the active runway has remained in “excellent condition” since opening.

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