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  • Students Explore Computer Coding at St. Teresa’s School

    Students at St. Teresa’s School are getting a taste for computer coding today.

    Vice Principal Joanne Mallay says the students are being exposed to the basics of computer programming to help them in other areas of learning.

    She says the children are learning the basics of coding and she hopes the lessons being taught about critical thinking and reasoning can carry on into the classroom.

    The Canadian Information and Communications Technology Council says Canada needs to fill more than 182,000 information and communications technology positions by 2019 to stay competitive, and according to top job-search site Indeed.com software developers are the most in-demand job for Canadian companies.

    Mallay says teaching coding to children at an early age is laying the groundwork for future careers.

    She says coding is a part of 21st century learning, and given that children often pick up on some skills faster than adults it’s good to peak their curiosity now to set them up for the economy of the future.

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