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  • Students Rally at Confederation Building on Climate Change

    Hundreds of students gathered at Confederation Building today for a #FridaysForFutureNL rally on climate change.

    The group of vocal students began their rally underneath the clock tower at Memorial University and marched along Prince Philip Drive to the steps of Confederation Building. The event is part of a global initiative, titled #FridaysForFuture, which claims to have hosted over 1,000 similar protests around the world.

    Chants and cheers filled the air for the students, organizers, and politicians who took to the steps of the building to voice their support of the initiative.

    The students, some of whom are in elementary school, listened intently as Grade 12 student Allison Jeon—one of the organizers—called on the federal government to listen to their pleas, and honour promises made in the Paris agreement.

    Jeon ended her speech by telling the crowd, “The climate will change when you do.”

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