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  • Supreme Court Rules Against Victims of Mount Cashel Abuse

    Mount Cashel orphanage

    The Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador has ruled the Archdiocese of St. John’s was not liable for abuse committed at the Mount Cashel orphanage.

    In a ruling by Justice Alphonsus Faour that came down today, he concluded there was no evidence that the Archdiocese had any knowledge of the widespread abuse, or that it had any direct control over the orphanage.

    Lawyer Geoff Budden, representing the victims of the abuse, says an appeal will be filed within 30 days. Budden says he has no doubt that disclosures were made to the Archdiocese, and says his clients are disappointed in the decision.

    Archbishop Martin Currie says the diocese said all along it was not liable, but he says there are no winners in a case like this.

    Currie says all the plantiffs were deeply wounded during this case, and for that, his heart is heavy, but he says the law has found them not liable.

    Currie hopes this will be the end of the court process.

    If there is an appeal in the case, Currie says the Diocese will maintain its position.

    The founder and chair of Pathways, who walked across the province to raise awareness for the survivors of clergy abuse, calls it a truly sad day.

    Gemma Hickey is among the survivors of clergy abuse. Hickey says they sat in the courtroom and watched brave men retell their horrific stories of abuse. Hickey says it’s sad when institutions that should be protecting these vulnerable people, fail to do so. Hickey indicates they support an appeal.

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