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  • Take Care When Dealing in Bitcoin: Bursey

    The term Bitcoin has been used frequently these days in reference to virtual currency.

    But for those who are not knowledgable on virtual currencies, scamming is a possibility.

    Ray Bursey of Ghost Technologies Inc. gives presentations on many technological advances, including Bitcoin. He also is the owner of four—soon to be six—Bitcoin ATMs in the province.

    He says they are quite useful, but there have been instances where people have been scammed out of their money.

    He says recently there was a family looking for a dog on Kijiji. The vendor wanted Bitcoin. After sending money, they wanted more because of a concern for transporting the dog. After the family sent the funds, they never received the dog, and their money was gone.

    Bursey says if someone is not sure about if they are being scammed by paying with Bitcoin, contact Blockchain NL or other groups who are informed for advice on what to do.

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