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  • Taxi Drivers Disappointed by Lack of Answers Over Rising Cost of Insurance

    (Taxi drivers hold demonstration outside Confederation Building, February 23, 2018.)

    Taxi drivers say they didn’t hear many answers from government this week on the rising cost of auto insurance.

    Even cabbies who have pristine driving records get dinged as if they were the worst of the worst.

    Their rates average $8,600 per year, and they didn’t hear anything Thursday in the House of Assembly to give them hope for lower rates.

    They protested Thursday at Confederation Building, and government was pressed on the issue during Question Period.

    Taxi cabs have to go through Facility Association, an arm set up by the insurance industry to handle high-risk drivers.

    Derek Hayder, owner/operator of Newfound Cabs, says he can’t understand why government can find millions for cannabis growers, the Marystown Shipyard and others but can’t drop the tax on auto insurance.

    He says government told them a couple years ago that if they found their own insurer for their industry, government would license them. However, the Insurance Companies Act says they must be in the Facility process which, Hayder says, would leave them in the same situation as they are currently.

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