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  • Texting Scam Pretends to Be Cash Transfer to Empty Out Bank Account

    Typically this time of year the CRA scams come out in full force, however there’s another one making the rounds that can empty out your bank account.

    A phishing scam is targeting Newfoundland and Labrador cell phone numbers.

    People receive a text from a ‘709’ area code number that says “notice explained below” and provides a link for you to click.

    When you open it, it appears to be an electronic transfer of money for you to deposit in your bank.

    (Examples of the text scam. Note the incorrectly spelled URL.)

    Lisanne Roy-Beauchamp from the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre says when you click the link and enter your information, you are giving the scammers direct access to your bank account (which they will clean out) and possibly gain more personal information to do more damage.

    In many cases, there will be additional screens asking for your full name, date of birth, social insurance number, or common security questions that might be asked of you when trying to change information or make large transfers within your bank account.

    Roy-Beauchamp says if you get a text from a number you don’t recognize, or a notice you aren’t expecting, don’t click the link. If you think there is anything suspicious at all, delete it.

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