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    It’s the rat-infested ghost ship that many can’t forget.

    The Lyubov Orlova continues to capture people’s imagination years after she presumably slipped below the surface of the water somewhere in the mid-Atlantic.

    A local blogger, Heather Elliott – the Original Shipster – is the latest to detail the story of the ship that can’t be forgotten.

    Years ago, the cruise vessel, named after a Soviet-era film star, had become an unwelcome eyesore, sitting abandoned and listing on the St. John’s waterfront.

    It was what happened after arrangements were made to have her towed from the harbour to the Caribbean for scrap that secured her place in myth and folklore.

    The vessel broke her tow line shortly after passing through the Narrows and eluded efforts to re-establish a line, drifting for weeks before finally sinking to the bottom somewhere in the Atlantic. International headlines at the time even highlighted the Orlova’s cargo of “cannibal rats.”

    Elliott says the story is irresistible, even today. She says nothing about the story is straight forward with events coming together that would ensure people would always remember the name of that boat.

    There have even been reported sightings of the wreck from Australia to the coast of California, proving that the vessel has entered the realm of cultural myth.

    You can read the blog entry here, and listen to the interview below.

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