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  • The Challenge of Fighting Racism with Words and Friendship

    It’s the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

    Lately issues surrounding immigration and white-nationalism have dominated headlines around the world, showing that even in 2019 race remains an incendiary topic.

    Dr. Lloydetta Quaicoe is the founder of Sharing Our Cultures. She told VOCM’s Paddy Daly that these issues can’t be solved with legislation, but only by being exposed to each other’s ideas and culture, and getting to know each other. She says you cannot discriminate against a friend.

    Quaicoe challenges people to fight racism and bigotry the most direct way: by calling it out when you see it.

    She says you need to speak up, because silence says you think there is nothing wrong with what is being said.

    Quaicoe says even when people make jokes or use slurs, it sends a message that this is okay, the action of dividing and belittling people that don’t look like us, which only leads to hatred.

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