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  • The Next Generation of Women in Science Get a Jump Start at O’Donel High

    Female students attending O’Donel high school glimpsed the wonders of science From the comfort of their own gymnasium today.

    The Women in Resource Development hosted a fair this morning complete with several science based demo stations from a variety of disciplines.

    Cheri Butt CEO of Women in Resources says it’s a great way to increase the number of women choosing careers in trades and technology. She says the fair is part of Science Literacy week and it features several hands on activities.

    Students coded micro bits, learned about chemistry through a series of experiments and even soaked up some physics in an inflatable planetarium.

    Butt says it’s crucial to connect woman with the sciences before they reach the transition into their post secondary careers.

    Butt says it’s important to expose females to the information and provide an opportunity for them to experience the sciences. She says having female role models so they can see themselves in the field is also key.

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