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  • The Seven Per Cent Solution: NLers Looking for Ways to Drop Power Usage to Fight Rising Costs

    A recent 7 per cent increase in power bills, and more increases on the way has Newfoundlanders and Labradorians looking for new ways to beat the bill.

    There are a lot tips and tricks suggested online to help lower your energy consumption. Here are a few of the most popular ones.

    If you haven’t already ditched it all and gone back to chopping wood, there’s a few less-drastic things you can do.

    Tips to lower your power usage range from the time-honoured to the new-fangled. Turning off lights when not in use and not leaving the water running when in use can save up to an estimated $30 a year according to BC Hydro.

    Unplugging electronics while not in use is always a good move. As well, updating old, power-guzzling items like televisions, computers, and incandescent light bulbs to newer efficient models can help patch leaks in energy around the house.

    Another piece of tech that’s cutting down on power usage is your cell phone, according to Lifehacker. While smartphones tend to be more energy efficient than older models, they’re also cutting down on household power usage by moving a lot of the work and play that used to be done on computers to the phone.

    You should still unplug those when they’re charged though.

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