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  • Ticks Make Their Seasonal Appearance in the Province

    (Photo: Tiffany Fowler )

    While many people will be out enjoying the long weekend, an unwanted bug has made its first appearance of the season.

    Ticks are beginning to pop up in the province.

    The parasite can cause problems by spreading diseases, causing tick paralysis (occurs when female ticks release a toxin into the host while feeding), causing an allergic reaction from saliva and, creating a wound that becomes infected.

    It’s recommended that after going outdoors, do a full body check on yourself, your family and pets.

    Scan the entire body – a tick can sometimes resemble a mole and be as small as a period at the end of a sentence.

    If a tick is found on an animal or person, it should be removed by grasping the mouth-parts with tweezers, as close to the skin as possible, and carefully detaching from the skin.

    After removing the tick, the skin should be cleaned with soap and water or disinfected with alcohol or hand sanitizer.

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