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  • Tied Up, Beaten with a Gun, and Robbed: Witness Testifies at Home Invasion Trial

    A witness to testify at the trial of four accused home invaders says masked men tied him up and beat him with a gun before stealing his valuables.

    Michael Crant says he was living with his parents in Paradise one February night last winter, when he, some friends and his father were playing darts in the shed and having a few beers.

    That’s when he says three masked men entered the shed and tied them up, their faces to the floor. He says one was wearing a clown mask and had a gun, the other two were wearing balaclava’s and holding knives.

    Crant says they brought him into the house, where his mother was in the bathtub. The masked men tied her up in the basement with Crant’s girlfriend.

    He says they went through every room in the house, taking anything of value. Crant told the court he had jewelry stashed at a friend’s house, and when the men indicated they wanted more money or valuables, he says he took them there, leaving his family tied up in the house.

    Gary Hennessey, Mitchell Nippard, Tyler Donahue, and Abdifetah Mohamed are facing dozens of charges in connection to four violent metro home invasions last February.

    18 days have been set aside for the trial.

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