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  • Torbay Development Could Stall Over Water Shortage

    Torbay is facing a water shortage that threatens future development in the town.

    Acting Mayor Geoff Gallant says North Pond currently services the areas of town that are hooked up to water and sewer, but is at capacity.

    Pollution from the nearby airport nixed efforts to hook into nearby South Pond. Gallant says while homes using wells and septic systems are being built, the lack of water has prevented further big scale commercial and residential development.

    The town is currently looking into a water alternative study that is looking at a variety of options including desalination.

    He says they did approach the city of St. John’s to hook into the Windsor Lake system, but were denied, while a more regional system might take at least a decade.

    He says it doesn’t just affect them, it has an impact on the entire region.

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