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  • Tour Boat Operators Approve of New Minimum Distance Rules for Whales

    When it comes to approaching whales and other marine mammals, the federal government has set new rules.

    The new regulations will provide minimum approach distances of 100 metres for most whales, dolphins and porpoises.

    Graham Wood is the owner of Mussel Bed Boat Tours and is also a member of the Wilderness and Ecological Reserves advisory council. Wood says there there’s not much change to the regulations from before, but he says technology helps with keeping their distance.

    He says he believes the regulations are strong enough. They have no control over where whales come up, but when you see them on the surface, obviously they have to stay away.

    Wood adds today, with the technology of cameras, people can zoom in and see a whale from 200 meters.

    The rules were put in place to prevent the animals from being disturbed or injured.

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