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  • ‘Toxic’ Work Environment Remains at Central Health says Radiologist

    A qualified radiologist who is on medical leave says something more needs to be done to address what she calls a “toxic” work environment at Central Health.

    The provincial government recently called an external review into operations at Central Health which found a lack of communication, tensions and other human resources issues. Former CEO Rosemary Goodyear resigned when the review was called.

    The Citizen’s Representative is scheduled to conduct another review starting in September.

    Dr. Paula Kennedy has been on medical leave for the last year because of what she calls workplace bullying and harassment after being fired and then rehired by the health authority.

    She and other radiologists previously employed at Central Health are now coming forward to address problems in the workplace environment, and they feel things have gotten worse and not better following the external review.

    Kennedy told Paddy Daly on the VOCM Morning Show that Health Minister John Haggie has been absent through the entire process.

    She says the real problems in Central Health are systemic bullying, misogyny and cronyism, none of which are getting addressed.

    She says she was rehired, but the bullying and harassment was never dealt with and no-one looked at the kind of environment she was going back into.

    Since being on medical leave and the departure of another radiologist because of what she says was workplace bullying, she says the health authority has been flying in locums from Ontario and Quebec to do the work.

    She questions the decision to pay for their accommodations, meals, and transportation while a qualified radiologist is sitting at home.

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