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  • Toxicology Report Led to Manslaughter Charge Against Bonavista Woman

    Hamilton Police are calling it a very sad case.

    A Bonavista woman was arrested and charged in connection this week in the death of her four-year-old son in the Ontario city just over one year ago.

    39-year-old Lisa Strickland was arrested in Bonavista on Wednesday and appeared in a Hamilton court room yesterday to answer to the charge.

    She was remanded to custody pending her next court appearance.

    Kane Driscoll passed away in Hamilton in September of 2017.

    Hamilton Police Detective Sergeant Peter Thom says toxicology results following an autopsy led to a charge of manslaughter against the mother.

    He says the four-year-old had a lethal dose of a narcotic in his system that he should not have had.

    Strickland was arrested while visiting with her newborn baby, a child that had been removed from her care after its birth in this province. Detective Sergeant Thom says while the investigation was ongoing, Strickland had left Hamilton and moved to Bonavista where she had another child.

    He says police still have a few follow-up interviews to conduct.

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